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October 26, 2010

Fantasy Basketball 2010 – Steals

The steals list is not going to look too dissimilar from the assists list. I don’t know enough about the incoming rookies and their pilfering prowess to dare put any of them up here, although I can probably guarantee that there will be at least one rookie with more than 120 steals.

The beauty of steals is that you don’t even need to get huge minutes to get them. He just have to place yourself in the right place on the court.

The numbers in parentheses reflect last years steals numbers.

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January 23, 2009

Monta Ellis returns tonight

Monta Ellis is finally going to return from the offseason injury debacle that has kept him out for half the season. He has been practicing for a couple of weeks and is scheduled to return tonight against the Cavaliers.

As he is only owned in 70% of Yahoo leagues (and chances are likely that similar numbers exists in other Fantasy leagues), it’s worth a look to see if he is currently available in yours.

And in case you can’t remember how good he was last year and why he was given such a monstrous contract in the offseason, let me refresh your memory.

Coming back to you now?

He is likely to be out of shape for the next week or two, but look for him to return to those type of numbers after the All-Star Break at the latest.

He can rest him on your bench until you see the kind of numbers that make you willing to play him in your starting roster.