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January 23, 2009

Monta Ellis returns tonight

Monta Ellis is finally going to return from the offseason injury debacle that has kept him out for half the season. He has been practicing for a couple of weeks and is scheduled to return tonight against the Cavaliers.

As he is only owned in 70% of Yahoo leagues (and chances are likely that similar numbers exists in other Fantasy leagues), it’s worth a look to see if he is currently available in yours.

And in case you can’t remember how good he was last year and why he was given such a monstrous contract in the offseason, let me refresh your memory.

Coming back to you now?

He is likely to be out of shape for the next week or two, but look for him to return to those type of numbers after the All-Star Break at the latest.

He can rest him on your bench until you see the kind of numbers that make you willing to play him in your starting roster.

January 16, 2009

Leading the Pack of Rookies

On Fantasy Draft night there was a lot of wondering on which rookies were going to pan out for their respective teams, and which ones wouldn’t be worthy of the hype that they were receiving.

Now that we have come about half-way through the NBA season, things are a lot more clear.

Let’s take a look…

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November 21, 2008

Al Harrington to New York rumor

The rumor out there is that Al Harrington will be traded to New York in exchange for an expiring contract. Don’t you love those expiring contracts?

Here’s what it means for you in a Fantasy Basketball perspective.

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October 13, 2008

Fantasy Best and Worst of Free Throw Percentage in 2008

Like Field Goal Percentage, how much a free throw shooter affects a team, good or bad, is based on how many free throws are attempted and made (or missed). Therefore, you not only have to consider the percentage itself but also how many times they get to the charity stripe.

With that in mind, it is actually very hard to judge who the best free throw shooters in the league are because both of these facts have to be kept in mind, but here is my attempt to judge the 20 free throw shooters who will most help your team as well as the 5 most likely to hurt your team.

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October 12, 2008

Fantasy Best and Worst of Field Goal Percentage in 2008

I thought I’d approach this article a little differently this year and pick the twenty best and five worst players to have on your Fantasy Basketball Team in a Rotisserie League if you hope to compete for Field Goal Percentage.

With Field Goal Percentage, it isn’t solely based on Field Goal Percentage but on how many field goals the player actually misses.

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