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January 23, 2009

Monta Ellis returns tonight

Monta Ellis is finally going to return from the offseason injury debacle that has kept him out for half the season. He has been practicing for a couple of weeks and is scheduled to return tonight against the Cavaliers.

As he is only owned in 70% of Yahoo leagues (and chances are likely that similar numbers exists in other Fantasy leagues), it’s worth a look to see if he is currently available in yours.

And in case you can’t remember how good he was last year and why he was given such a monstrous contract in the offseason, let me refresh your memory.

Coming back to you now?

He is likely to be out of shape for the next week or two, but look for him to return to those type of numbers after the All-Star Break at the latest.

He can rest him on your bench until you see the kind of numbers that make you willing to play him in your starting roster.

October 11, 2008

Fantasy Basketball 2008 – Blocks

Where blocks are concerned, there are two players which stand out and then there a bunch of good players which really don’t come anywhere close. If you go for one of the top two players, you won’t have to spend any more time looking for blocks.

If you opt for someone different, you will most likely have to get three good block players to compete.

As bad as that might sound, it actually isn’t necessarily that hard considering two facts:

  1. You normally have at least a couple of forward positions, one or two center positions, and two or three utility positions where you can pay a little more attention and get enough blocks.
  2. There are a lot of good rebounders who can be counted on to get you some blocks, so you aren’t being forced to expend positions on players who only can get you one category.

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October 04, 2008

Fantasy Basketball 2008 – Rebounds

We normally get rebounds when we draft power forwards and centers. The more power forwards and centers we can draft, the better we do in rebounds (and often field goal percentage and blocks), and the worse we do in assists (and often free throw percentage and steals). As we draft for rebounds, however we need to be very careful about some of our other statistical categories and that we are not doing irreparable harm to them for this season.

Let’s take a look at a few of the players who lead the league in rebounds and which ones you should keep an eye on and which ones you should simply avoid, despite their aptitude on the boards.

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October 02, 2008

Fantasy Basketball 2008 – 3 Pointers

Like I do every year, I break down the best 3 point shooters from last year and decide whether they are likely to accomplish the same, better, or worse than what they accomplished last year. After all, players normally don’t change much in stats from year to year unless 1) they get moved to or from a starting lineup, or 2) personnel changes make it better or worse for them (including them moving to a different team).

Grouping the players into tiers, here is what I came up with on three point shooting:

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March 03, 2007

Ray Allen injury update

That collective gasp you hear is from the thousands of Fantasy owners hoping that he will opt to rest a few games rather than choosing season-ending surgery to repair a bone spur.

From Seattle’s point of view, I’m sure they hope he gets the surgery. The season is over for them. They’ll have more of a chance to get a high pick, which in the upcoming draft could be a huge blessing. It’ll give Ray Allen more time to recover from the surgery and to get back into shape for the next season. It’ll give one or more of their young shooting guards more time to develop.

From the coach’s point of view, as long as it isn’t his job at stake, I’m sure he’d like whatever is best for Ray Ray and the Sonics. If it is his job on this line, I’m sure he hopes Ray waits until the end of the season, plays through the pain, and helps them win a few more games.

For Ray Allen’s point of view, he ought to do whatever is best for his future, not his current situation. The team really doesn’t care about this year, so he really shouldn’t either.
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