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May 30, 2007

Kobe Bryant wants trade

Kobe Bryant announced, among other things, that he didn’t force Shaq out and that he would like a trade. Now the trade rumors are going to start swirling. Can Minnesota get him to play along side Kevin Garnett? Can “plug in your home team (that isn’t the Denver Nuggets)” get him? With all the rumors, […]

December 10, 2011

Impact of a trade of Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers

There are trade rumors swirling that the Lakers are trying to get Chris Paul to join Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles. Will it happen? [ viagra good morning | viagra overnight delivery | what if i take too much viagra | online viagra next day delivery | soft viagra | mexico pharmacy cialis | purchase […]

October 16, 2010

Fantasy Basketball 2010 – Points Scored

Like I try to do every year, I’m going to break down individual categories in the NBA into various tiers of players. And how they are likely to perform this year in your NBA Fantasy Basketball Rotisserie league. With so many high profile, team-affecting players switching team this offseason, it is likely going to be […]

April 16, 2010

NBA Playoffs Predictions – 2010

Personal matters have forced me to slack off on my Fantasy Basketball blog writing for a time, but I couldn’t let the season end without making my annual Playoff Predictions. Sometimes, I predict all of the playoffs. Sometimes, I predict a round at a time. This year, I have decided just to predict the whole […]

September 30, 2009

Fantasy Basketball 2009 – The First Two Rounds

There is a chill in the morning air. That means two things to me. 1. College Football is starting up. 2. It’s time to sign up for Fantasy Basketball and start doing the research to pick the best Fantasy Basketball team that we can. For my first blog of the Fantasy Basketball season, I’m going […]