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November 13, 2006

Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams

At times the fact that I am a Utah Jazz fan is bound to come through in my writing. For the last few years, I have, of course, been disappointed with the fact that the Jazz have not been able to make the post season. Last year’s controversy among Jazz fans was, of course, whether […]

March 08, 2006

Deron Williams had another good game

Ever since the All-Star Break and going head-to-head with Chris Paul twice in two games shortly after that, Deron Williams has really been showing that he was a good pick after all. It’s not really likely to silence all of the critics, but it is nice to see that Utah didn’t make a terrible pick. […]

October 25, 2010

Fantasy Basketball 2010 – Assists

You need to pick up the top assist guys quickly because the top three tiers are likely to be gone in the first 4 rounds. Anybody surviving beyond four rounds is likely injury-prone or still unproven. With that little introduction, let’s jump right into the top guys for dishing out dimes. Like the other categories, […]

September 30, 2009

Fantasy Basketball 2009 – The First Two Rounds

There is a chill in the morning air. That means two things to me. 1. College Football is starting up. 2. It’s time to sign up for Fantasy Basketball and start doing the research to pick the best Fantasy Basketball team that we can. For my first blog of the Fantasy Basketball season, I’m going […]

March 02, 2009

Starbury to the Celtics was a bad move

I’m not sure what the Boston Celtics were thinking of when they inked malcontent Stephon Marbury to a contract. Here are the reasons why this is NOT a good move: [ viagra price list | generic money order viagra | vigorex forte | best natural viagra | viagra canadian | buying viagra in canada | […]