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December 11, 2008

Jason Richardson is sent to Phoenix

The official trade involves Jason Richardson and Sean Singletary being sent to Phoenix in exchange for Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and Jared Dudley. How will this affect the players individually, as well as their teams? [ when was viagra released | uk alternative viagra | 0rz.tw 762c3 generic viagra | alternative viagra drug | buying […]

October 24, 2008

My Fantasy Basketball Picks

I finally had my Fantasy Basketball Draft in my 10 team league. I’m not really sure if my players are going to manage enough points to stay competitive, but I think I did well in a lot of the other categories including, amazingly enough, turnovers. I had the 6th pick in the draft which precluded […]

October 13, 2008

Fantasy Best and Worst of Free Throw Percentage in 2008

Like Field Goal Percentage, how much a free throw shooter affects a team, good or bad, is based on how many free throws are attempted and made (or missed). Therefore, you not only have to consider the percentage itself but also how many times they get to the charity stripe. With that in mind, it […]

October 12, 2008

Fantasy Best and Worst of Field Goal Percentage in 2008

I thought I’d approach this article a little differently this year and pick the twenty best and five worst players to have on your Fantasy Basketball Team in a Rotisserie League if you hope to compete for Field Goal Percentage. With Field Goal Percentage, it isn’t solely based on Field Goal Percentage but on how […]

October 11, 2008

Fantasy Basketball 2008 – Blocks

Where blocks are concerned, there are two players which stand out and then there a bunch of good players which really don’t come anywhere close. If you go for one of the top two players, you won’t have to spend any more time looking for blocks. If you opt for someone different, you will most […]