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December 10, 2011

Richard Hamlton to be bought out

According to NBA.com, the Detroit Pistons are buying out the last year of Richard Hamilton‘s significant contract, somewhere in the neighborhood of $17 million. Joe Dumars confirmed it, as did Rip’s Twitter account.

How will this affect Richard Hamilton’s Fantasy Value?

As a Fantasy player, Rip has never been much of a factor, despite the fact that he was the star for the team for many years. He could score, but he didn’t shoot three pointers, didn’t grab rebounds, didn’t make assists or steals. His free throw percentage was stellar, but he didn’t really shoot enough of them to make an impact. Yahoo’s O-Rank always listed him far above his actual Fantasy worth. It’s hard to think that any other team would get him to improve his Fantasy stats, especially at his age, even if he were to be the starter. If he’s sitting around in the last round (especially in a deep league), he might be worth a glance.

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