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December 10, 2011

Impact of a trade of Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers

There are trade rumors swirling that the Lakers are trying to get Chris Paul to join Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles.

Will it happen?

The Los Angeles Lakers certainly have pieces that would make the deal plausible.

Lamar Odom can be quite a bit of trouble to any coach and can disrupt team chemistry, but he is also very versatile on the court. His salary is also very reasonable for what he brings to the table, mostly because most teams don’t want to deal with his off-court distractions.

Andrew Bynum is an immensely talented center, but he hasn’t managed to stay healthy. He could be involved with the trade simply off potential alone.

Pau Gasol is likely the central trading chip of any proposed deal for Chris Paul. I’m sure the Lakers would rather do something else, but they might not have the luxury. The New Orleans Hornets would definitely want to get Paul, especially if their All-Star Power Forward David West leaves for the Boston Celtics, as is rumored.

How will it affect Paul’s Fantasy Value?

I doubt it will affect his numbers at all, positively or negatively. His assists might increase a little, his points might decrease a tad, but Paul’s health is much more of a factor on whether he is one of the top 3 Fantasy players in the league or not.

The only place that would make a significant hit to his numbers is the Chicago Bulls because he would be the second best point guard on the team. And that wouldn’t happen.

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